Collection: Frutiger Aero Office Accessories

Enhance your workspace with the sleek and stylish Frutiger Aero inspired office accessories collection, inspired by the vibrant Web 2.0 Gloss aesthetic of 2004 to 2014. Our collection features a range of accessories that embody the era's hallmark skeuomorphic design, glossy textures, aqua mouse and dynamic color schemes featuring bright blues and greens.

From elegantly designed desktop organizers to ergonomic mouse pads that showcase aero glass effects and lens flare visuals, each piece combines functionality with a distinct aesthetic flair. Perfect for modern professionals who value both efficiency and style, our office accessories not only organize your space but also inspire creativity and productivity. Elevate your office environment with our Frutiger Aero office accessory products—where practicality meets the timeless beauty of design.

skeuoss office accessory collection