Collection: Frutiger Aero Plushies / Plush Toys

Dive into the vibrant, nostalgic world of our Frutiger Aero Plushie Collection, perfectly capturing the Web 2.0 Gloss aesthetic that enchanted us from 2004 to 2013. Each plush toy is intricately designed, featuring the hallmark skeuomorphic and glossy textures that epitomize the digital revolution of its time.

Our plushies come alive with whimsical motifs of tropical fish, bubbling water, and luminous auroras, making each one a delightful companion and a decorative statement.

The collection bursts with the characteristic greens and blues of the Frutiger Aero palette, reminiscent of crystal-clear oceans and serene skies. Enhanced with sprawling patterns and abstract tech accents, these plushies offer a modern twist with a touch of sparkle from aero glass and bokeh effects.

Crafted for comfort and designed with a nod to the human-centric designs of the era, the Frutiger Aero plush toys are both a plush friend for all ages and a stylish addition to any space.

skeuoss plushie collection