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Frutiger Aero Mouse pad - Design 140

Frutiger Aero Mouse pad - Design 140

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Enhance Your Desk with Skeuoss Mouse Pad - Design 140

Introducing the Skeuoss Mouse Pad, a perfect blend of functionality and style for your workspace. Our latest offering, Design 140, draws inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic Frutiger Aero aesthetic, bringing a touch of nostalgia and modernity right to your desk.

Exquisite Design Details

The Skeuoss Mouse Pad Design 140 features an intricate and captivating design. A realistic hand holds a transparent globe, beautifully centered on Europe and Africa, symbolizing your grasp on global connectivity and sustainability. The backdrop is a seamless fusion of a lush natural landscape and a bustling cityscape. The green grass and clear blue skies contrast strikingly with modern buildings, wind turbines, and communication network lines, creating a visual narrative of harmony between nature and technology.

Why Choose Skeuoss Mouse Pad?

  • Durable Material: Crafted for longevity and resilience, ensuring that the mouse pad withstands the rigors of daily use.
  • Smooth Surface: The glossy textures not only reflect the Frutiger Aero style but also provide a smooth glide for all types of mouse movements.
  • Vibrant Colors: Featuring bright and vibrant hues of greens and blues, our mouse pad is not just a tool, but a piece of art that enlivens your workspace.
  • Perfect Size: Designed to fit well on your desk, providing ample space for your mouse to move without any constraints.

Ideal for Every Setting

Whether you are decking out your home office or adding a personal touch to your workspace in a corporate setting, the Skeuoss Mouse Pad is designed to suit every environment. Its theme of sustainability and global connectivity resonates especially well in today's eco-conscious and digitally connected world.

Upgrade your desk with the Skeuoss Mouse Pad - Design 140 and make a statement about your style and values. Embrace the blend of beauty and practicality, and let every swipe of your mouse be smooth and inspiring.

Order Yours Today!

Don’t miss out on this exquisite addition to your desk. The Skeuoss Mouse Pad is not just a purchase but an investment in enhancing your daily computer interactions. Elevate your workspace with a design that speaks of both the past and the future. Get your hands on the Skeuoss Mouse Pad - Design 140 now!

Frutiger Aero Mouse pad - Design 140

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  • Soft 100% polyester surface 
  • Natural rubber base
  • Product weight: 2.8 oz (79.4 g)
  • Size: 8.7″ × 7.1″ × 0.12″ (220 × 180 × 3 mm)
  • Rounded edges

Frutiger Aero Mouse Pads

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